Personal Injury

Clayton Jones is an experienced Missouri Personal Injury Attorney. From car accidents to workplace injuries to wrongful death suits, Clayton works hard to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. He understands that these cases are often delicate in nature and he is experienced with gently navigating you through the legal process.

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Criminal Defense

Clayton Jones represents clients charged with felony and misdemeanor charges. As a Missouri criminal defense attorney, Clayton knows the importance of early representation when you have been accused of a crime. Whether it is drug or alcohol related charges, white collar crime, or personal criminal charges, he knows what it takes to protect your rights and freedoms.

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Traffic Law

Clayton Jones handles a full range of traffic charges. It may seem like the easiest path to just pay a ticket and move on with your life, but having these charges on your record can stop you from being able to move on. Call Clayton today if you’ve been charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license, speeding, failure to provide registration or a license, or any other traffic violation.

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About Clayton Jones

Clayton Jones is an experienced Missouri trial lawyer serving more than 15 area counties in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. Prior to managing his own law practice in Raymore, MO, a suburb of Kansas City, Clayton was an assistant prosecuting attorney and special prosecutor for Cass County, MO and a special prosecutor in Bates County, MO.

Clayton received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri in Business and Finance. Clayton then obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, KS. Clayton is a member of the Missouri Bar and Cass County Bar Associations.

Clayton has established a strong track record of success in helping victims in personal injury cases and in defending individuals charged with felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses. He has a 5 star rating on Google Reviews. If you are looking for compassionate, competent representation please do not hesitate to contact Clayton today to discuss your legal matter.

Clayton A. Jones Practice Areas

Clayton Jones is an experienced personal injury attorney handling car accidents, wrongful death, workplace injuries and more. As a special prosecutor he is familiar with criminal defense and handles drug charges, alcohol related charges, white collar crime and personal criminal charges. As a Missouri traffic attorney, Clayton knows it isn’t always the best option to pay your ticket and move along. Protect your insurance rates and ability to keep driving by hiring him to represent you for your next traffic charge such as driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving with a revoked license, failure to provide insurance, failure to provide registration or valid license, speeding tickets, failure to yield or stop, even boating while intoxicated.

Cities Served

Raymore, Belton, Kansas City, Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, Harrisonville, Columbia, Sedallia, Warrensburg, Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, Camdenton, California, Claycomo, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Peculiar, and other nearby Cities.

Counties Served

Cass, Clay, Platte, Jackson, Johnson, Boone, St. Louis, Camden, Cedar, Henry, Pettis, St. Clair, Laclede, Greene, Pulaski, Osage, and other nearby counties.
Clayton Jones
Raymore, MO

Clayton A. Jones is a Missouri lawyer based out of Raymore, MO, a suburb of Kansas City, specializing in Personal Injury Law, Criminal Defense, Traffic Law and Commercial Litigation.

Clayton Jones is capable of practicing in all Missouri Counties, and frequently handles cases in Cass, Clay, Platte, Johnson, Jackson, Cedar, Bates, Henry, St. Clair, Pettis, Boone, Camden, and other nearby Counties.

Clayton Jones is an experienced Missouri Personal Injury Attorney. These types of cases involve sensitive circumstances and should be treated as such. They often involve injuries, expensive medical bills, or sometimes property damage. During this difficult time, you and your family need a confident and experienced personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the claims and litigation process.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Car Accidents

Every year, millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents. It’s easy to think that it will never happen to you or your loved ones – but it does. Unfortunately, you may not have even been the one that caused the accident or had an opportunity to prevent it. That’s why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get the most out of your unfortunate situation.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, Clayton Jones is here to help you. He works diligently on your case, so you can receive the medical attention you need.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a difficult process to cope with, especially if it was the result of someone else’s negligence. In addition to the extreme emotional toll resulting from losing a loved one, families can suffer massive financial burdens from the death of someone who is responsible for part of the household income.

Clayton Jones has worked with several clients who have suffered the loss of a loved one and has the experience and compassion to guide you through the legal process.

Workplace Injuries

Thousands of workplace accidents happen every year. Federal legislation mandates that injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation. While this can cover many injuries that occur during the hours of employment, it may not be enough if an injury is caused by negligence.

If you are unable to work as a result of a workplace injury, you deserve compensation. Clayton Jones works hard to keep you protected from workplace injuries and ensures you get the proper recovery amount that you deserve.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Clayton has a strong track record of helping individuals and families receive compensation for injuries or deaths caused by the carelessness of others. Clayton takes the time to listen to your case.

After a thorough discussion with you, if Clayton believes you have legal grounds for recovery and recoverable damages, a thorough investigation of the facts and legal components will take place and adverse parties are notified of your claim.

From there, Clayton works diligently and professionally to help you and/or your family receive compensation for your injury or loss.

Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced, assertive criminal defense attorney to ensure your fate isn’t in the hands of the prosecutors. With extensive knowledge and experience in Missouri criminal law, as well as a dedication to protecting your rights and freedoms, Clayton A. Jones will help you receive fair treatment in court.

Criminal Law Experience You Can Trust

Clayton Jones is a former assistant prosecuting attorney and special prosecutor for two Missouri counties. Clayton's experience in Missouri criminal law, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, provides the framework for his criminal defense practice. With experience from the other side of the courtroom, Clayton is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to provide sound, straightforward legal advice.

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’re up against a criminal charge, early representation is extremely beneficial. Even during the investigation stage, Clayton Jones can protect your rights and offer legal advice on statements made to law enforcement. Beyond the investigation stage, it’s even more important to not try and fight your charges alone.

Felony and Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, Clayton A. Jones can help. A misdemeanor crime is punishable up to one year in jail and fines up to $2,000, whereas felonies are punishable by more than one year in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Felony charges are more serious, and can result in life imprisonment sentences.

Practice Areas:

  • Drug Charges
  • Alcohol Related Charges
  • White Collar Criminal Charges
  • Personal Criminal Charges

Missouri Traffic Attorney

If you have been charged with a Traffic Offense, you need an experienced, assertive Missouri Traffic Defense Attorney. Clayton A. Jones LLC handles a full range of Missouri traffic charge. Don’t let something like a speeding ticket affect your life - hire us to fight for you and keep the charges off your record.

Attorney Clayton Jones is a former assistant prosecuting attorney and special prosecutor for two Missouri counties. Clayton's experience in Missouri Traffic Law, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, provides the framework for his Traffic Defense Practice.

Do I Need A Traffic Lawyer?

For many who get charged with a traffic offense it may seem like the cheapest, easiest solution to just pay the ticket and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, a traffic offense won’t necessarily let you just “move on” because the ticket will stay on your record. What may feel like a simple speeding ticket could lead to higher insurance costs or even prevent you from getting a job if there are enough points on your record. Eventually it could even lead to suspension of your license. Clayton A. Jones LLC will work to keep your record clean.

Insurance Rates

It only takes one ticket to increase your insurance rates and multiple tickets can even cause your insurance company to drop you from their coverage.


If your potential employer needs you to utilize a company vehicle for any reason, having even minor traffic tickets on your record could keep you from getting the job.

Ability to Drive

Traffic tickets, even when paid off, add points to your driving record that can eventually lead to a loss of your license and ability to drive yourself around. Don’t let it happen to you, contact Clayton A. Jones today to be your traffic attorney.

Typical Cases Handled

Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID), Driving While License Suspended (DWLS), Driving While License Revoked, Failure to Provide Insurance, Failure to Provide Registration, Failure to Provide Valid License, Careless and Imprudent (CNI), Speeding, Failure to Yield, Failure to Stop at Stop Sign, Running a Red Light, Alcohol Related Charges, Boating While Intoxicated

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